Renalaid for Going Beyond Bladder Health

Renalaid for Going Beyond Bladder Health

Renalaid for Going Beyond Bladder Health

Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND


Today’s product highlight probably seems out of place in a conversation mostly about respiratory health. However the health of our respiratory tract is inherently linked to another system. That is our immune system. Keeping our immune system strong is an important part of fighting off bad guys that can affect our respiratory tract. Renalaid is an amazing formula for our overall immune system. Let’s review just what makes Renalaid so great, shall we?

Well to start with it is a powder. Why is being a powder form so helpful?  Well it’s very easy to consume and easy to mix into smoothies, liquids and even foods such as applesauce and yogurt. It is more convenient if you want to ingest a large serving. It can also be easier to adjust how much you are taking of a certain nutrient. And lastly like a liquid powders are absorbed and go to work very fast, oftentimes within a few minutes. (1) As a person who has trouble swallowing pills I appreciate the ease of powdered supplements.

D Mannose and cranberry juice are the first 2 ingredients in Renalaid. D Mannose is interesting because it has been found in studies to be very effective in treating a UTI. In fact studies suggest that D Mannose may be as effective in eliminating bacteria as antibiotics. (2) Cranberry, which is a natural source of D Mannose as well as other nutrients also has benefits for our immune health. In fact cranberry consumption has been found in studies to help boost our WBC as well as help to decrease the symptoms of viral infections such as colds and flus. (3) Studies have also found that cranberry can help with biofilm formation. (4) But what’s a biofilm you’re asking? Well it’s basically a group of bacteria that are stuck tougher and produce a slimy “ coat “ that helps to protect them from our immune system and even antibiotics. (5)  In addition to helping fight off pathogens cranberry has been found to help with the symptoms of certain autoimmune disorders such as RA.(6) Overall both D Mannose and cranberry can help with bacteria, increase our WBC, help with autoimmune disorders and even help with the symptoms of viral infections!

Moving on the next item listed, which I must say is one of my favorite immune (and heart) supplements is olive leaf. Studies have found that olive leaf has antiviral activity. For example olive leaf has been found in studies to help with herpes. (7) Additionally studies have found that olive leaf is antifungal, antiviral as well as antibacterial. (8) In addition to helping kill of pathogens olive leaf has been found to help boost our immune system, which in the long run helps fight off bad guys. (9) Research has also found that olive leaf may help decrease histamine release and even inhibit the enzymes that produce it. (10) Histamine, as you recall is important when it comes to allergies.  Of course olive leaf is also good for heart health and so many different aspects of our health. (8)

Last but not least is the probiotic blend. When people hear the word probiotic they usually think ooh it’s for my gut health! But a good probiotic does much more than just promote digestion. We have all heard the phrase “the immune system is in our gut”. And studies support this. In fact studies have found that probiotics can improve our immune system and how well it functions. In fact studies have found that probiotics can help with a number of disorders. (11)

Overall Renalaid is an amazing formula. Feel free to mix it in any liquids you like. It can even be mixed into foods such as applesauce, yogurt or even cooked oatmeal!

Our next topic will be COPD!




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