Invite Health Gummies

Invite Health Gummies

Invite Health Gummies

Dr. Claire Arcidiacono, ND


I wanted to take the time to talk about the new products Invite has recently released. You may have noticed something about them!  They are in a gummy form. Now I know what you’re thinking – But Dr. Claire I thought you always said gummies aren’t very good for you? What makes Invite Health gummies different? Well that is exactly what I’m going to be blogging about today!

Let’s start with the colors in the gummies. Invite Health doesn’t use any artificial colors. So what do we use instead? In our gummies you will find Beta carotene and Black carrot extract used as colors. But does this point really matter? Well according to the Cleveland Clinic artificial colors such as red dye 40 can have side effects such as hyperactivity, irritably and can even trigger depression. There can also be allergic reactions such as skin irritation, hives and even asthma. Artificial colors can also trigger migraines. (1)

Invite gummies do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Studies have found many side effects to artificial sweeteners. So many that I couldn’t possibly begin to list them all! The most common side effects are to the digestive system, neurological system and even our heart health. (2) Now you may notice a small amount of sugar in the gummies. Why not use stevia? Well it’s simple. While stevia is a great choice for our powders when they tried them in a gummy form the extensive testing Invite does on all its products found that the results were not consistent with the type of product that is in keeping with Invite Health standards.

What else sets Invite gummies apart from other brands of gummies? There are no artificial flavorings used. So what does Invite use instead? We use natural flavors from sources such as orange, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and even peach. Once again I’ll bet your asking why this is important. Studies have found that artificial flavors can have side effects. (3)

Another ingredient that is often found in gummies is palm oil. There is no palm oil in our gummies. Palm oil contains quite a bit of saturated fats. (4) This is that fat that is associated with an increase in blood LDL or “bad cholesterol” and this can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. (5) For more information please check out Allie Might’s blog on the different types of fats, it is entitled “Fats – The skinny you need to know.”

Now what about the doses. Aren’t all gummies so low dose as to be just fancy candy? Absolutely not! In the suggested dose of the new digestive probiotic gummy you will see it provides 5 Billion CFUs. That is exactly the same amount of CFUs as some of our other probiotics such as Probiotic Maintain. While at a glance the new collagen may seem low in how much collagen it has but it important to remember that it is a Marine based collagen and the peptides are smaller than a Bovine source would be. Thus the amount is a very reasonable amount. (6)

Lastly Invite gummies are free of both gelatin and gluten. These make them a great option for anyone who is looking for a gelatin or gluten free option. And before you ask – yes they are both KOSHER and HALAL! But HOW DO THEY TASTE? I mean they look great on the surface but a gummy that tastes bad is just plain sad. Well I have tried them and can say that they get the Dr. Claire yummy award. They taste great and have a great texture.

Invite knows that sometimes you might get tired of taking so many pills. Or you may be going on a trip where it would be impossible to take powders. Invite’s new gummies are easy to add in to any supplement protocol or even just stand alone. As always feel free to contact an Invite nutritionist with any questions.




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