Basic Nutrients to Include Each Day – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 406

Basic Nutrients to Include Each Day – InVite Health Podcast, Episode 406


InViteⓇ Health Podcast, Episode hosted by Amanda Williams, MPH

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Let’s talk about the basics of supplementation today. People often ask me what vitamins and minerals they should include every single day, outside of any specific health concern that I may have. This is a very important question to ask because whether you’re new to supplementation or have been taking supplements for years, this is a crucial part of your daily routine. I want to talk in detail today about why it’s so important to make sure you include the basics.†

The importance of taking a high-quality multivitamin

Let’s talk about why it’s important to have a core multivitamin, multimineral routine each and every single day. Our Core Multivitamin is a comprehensive blend of all the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs just to support everyday functionality. This includes our immune system, cardiovascular system, brain and liver. The Core Multivitamin is the best place to get started.†

This formulation also includes a comprehensive eye nutrient mix in it. You’re getting lutein to help fend off the effects of blue light rays. We have also power packed this formulation with antioxidants, because the more antioxidants, the better off we are.† 


We know that the average American is not getting adequate vitamins and minerals when it comes to their diet, so this is why taking a multivitamin is so integral to helping to support the longevity of your cells.† 

How to combat nutrient deficiencies

We can look across the board and we can see how deficiencies in certain nutrients are linked to different health problems. Vitamin D is a huge one, which is why I also recommend taking Vitamin D3 as part of your daily routine. Researchers have linked low levels of Vitamin D with tension headaches, cardiovascular risk, respiratory health and immune function. We know that Vitamin D is very important.†

We also have to think about cellular energy production. This is why I always include Ubiquinol CoQ10 into anyone’s daily nutrient routine. Coenzyme Q10 is produced in the body naturally, but as we get older, that production starts to diminish. This means that our source of cellular energy begins to decline. This is problematic because CoQ10 is a nutrient that is essential not only for energy production, but also as one of our endogenous antioxidants.† 

We also have to include magnesium in the mix because most people are not getting enough of this nutrient through their diet. Magnesium is required for over 300 enzymatic functions in the body. Even though this mineral is in the Core Multivitamin, so many people do not get enough of it, so I recommend supplementing with magnesium glycinate.† 


Lastly, we want to be sure that we are supporting our gut-brain connection, so we’re going to include Probiotic HxⓇ. The better we can support our microbial environment, the better off everything in the body is going to function. This includes nutrient absorption, immune system function, cognition, inflammation and more.†     

These are just basic nutrients that can help support your body on a daily basis. If someone is dealing with other health conditions that may require higher amounts of these nutrients, then you want to adjust based off of that.†  

In this episode, Amanda Williams, MPH provides a list of nutrients that are important for helping the body function properly on a daily basis. She discusses why these nutrients are so important and why they work well together as a basic supplementation routine.†

Key Topics:

  • The importance of having activated nutrients
  • The downfall of many other multivitamins
  • Blood levels to get tested to help you understand your body

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